Several years ago, a friend asked me a question about one of my favorite games. He asked me if there was a mobile version of that game, so I said that I didn’t know. He was thrilled because we can do it and make millions. I then asked him if he knew something about creating apps for mobile, and I knew that he didn’t know anything.

He was like: So what? I can learn. Then we had an argument for an hour but few days later, he showed me an article about someone who was creating a mobile version of that game. He was like, they stole our millions. Then I tried to explain to him that if someone bumped first on some idea, it doesn’t mean that he was an original creator of the idea. Creating of the mobile app is a process and I will tell you in few steps how that process works.

First you need to ask yourself a question, what does this app do. What is the point and the achievement of that app? If you want to see all the aspects of your future app, put your whole plan on the paper. And when you finish with that, take another paper, and start sketching your app. Sketch is very important about apps interface and graphics. Remember that some of the investors are keen to see a good looking app, and often not very useful app. When you finish with these things, then comes, for me, the most important part. I am talking about research. When you start researching, first and main things to do is to find out if someone created it before. If someone did, you mustn’t be discouraged. Okay, my friend thought about a game, but you are creating a mobile app. And you are aware that there are more than million apps available.

However, they are not all perfect. Maybe you come across on some existing app, but that app has flaws. You can use that as an advantage for your future plan. For example, you all know about websites called Facebook and Twitter.

On paper, they are exactly the same, but you are aware that we are talking about two very different websites. If you look on things that way, you can create an alternative for already existing app. Just to create a total rip off. And speaking about rip offs, pay attention to designs of your future mobile app.

There is a small difference between stealing and inspiration. You can always say that you were inspired by something and creator of that thing can call you a thief. You need to be very careful. And when you finished with these things, you can start thinking about how you’ll earn from this app. Are you going to charge for downloading, or will you be using adds in your app? That is very important.

So there you have it, this is the basic plan for creating your app. We didn’t even scratch the surface to be honest – we didn’t even talk about the technical aspect of the app. But, for beginning, this is just enough.