We are currently living in an era where most organizations rely heavily on cloud computing. However, with every great invention, there lies a series of problems that come along with it. Cloud computing is no exception. With the recent breaches of high-profile organizations, there is a cause for alarm in most organizations. As a result, corporations are trying their level best to ensure that their information and applications in public, private and hybrid clouds remain safe and secure. The following, however, are some issues that are bound to keep CIO’s and security personnel’s of various organizations on their toes this year as a result of cloud computing.


The use of Cloud is ranked among the top three means of storing sensitive data, regulated or legally controlled data, after file servers and databases. The act, however, does no less than to increase the risk of data breaches occurring among users.

Data breaches can cause insurmountable losses to the businesses that use them. It is thus an overwhelming task ensuring that data is secure when deploying a cloud; an efficient cloud computing security database is required, as well as through encryption ( by tokenization, dynamic data masking etc.) in order to reduce the breaching risks.

With breaches also comes the risk of sharing of passwords and security keys among different devices and appliances. Through encryption also prevents this and designing a turn-key application with little or no configuration.



Most cloud service providers tend to withhold crucial data from their customers, such as the security details, user access rights, patch levels, etc. It becomes a problem for consumers who often raise concerns about vulnerabilities from shared infrastructure, lack of control over the choice of location for the data and privileged user abuse by the providers.

Cloud users require compliant environments that they entrust with their data, but some service providers are yet to address this issue, resulting in the consumers opting out of using Cloud for more transparent facilities.

The growing concerns of the customers and the slow response of providers are crucial factors that will majorly determine the continued existence of CSPs in the coming future.


Most corporations are unable to keep changing their rules and practices to make them keep up with the constantly changing landscape. As a result, most of them are still operating under rules and regulations that were being used by the company decades ago. The world today is, however, governed by apps and services that keep on changing and improving with passing and changing times, as a result of rapid technological changes. Regulators on the other hand progress at a much slower rate compared to these changes and, as a result, are unable to keep up. It makes it challenging to operate with cross-industry apps and services that store records such as financial and medical records. It becomes even harder to work correctly when dealing with global markets where different countries have different regulations. The challenge, though present in previous years is likely to recur as a solution to this problem is yet to be found.

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